Navy Green Team Wins ULI Award for Excellence in Housing Development

On Monday, April 3rd, L+M Development Partners along with partners, IMPACCT Brooklyn and Dunn Development, were awarded the Excellence in Housing Award at the 2017 Urban Land Institute (ULI) New York Annual Awards for Excellence in Development. Located in the Fort Greene/Wallabout area of Brooklyn directly across from the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, [...]

The Impact of Affordable Housing

As a developer of affordable housing, I see the positive impact of affordable housing and its lasting effects on the communities within which we work; affordable development has economic benefits that go beyond the scope of housing, particularly in terms of employment. Earlier this year, the New York State Association for Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH) released [...]

Solar Panels and Microgrid Energize Marcus Garvey Apartments in Brownsville

Nothing underscores the vulnerability and limited capacity of New York City's electric grid quite like extreme weather. In October 2012, as hurricane Sandy barreled down on the greater New York metro area, millions of homes lost power. In New York City, more than 700,000 residents had no electricity, while in New Jersey and Pennsylvania over three million people lost power. [...]

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The First Step: A Conversation on Gentrification

The rezoning of certain neighborhoods to accommodate new development has many New Yorkers worried about being displaced from their communities. This is a very real concern; but unfortunately, the conversation about gentrification and displacement tends to be reductive and does little to enhance the public discourse. In light of the severity of our housing crisis, “gentrification” has [...]

The History of Affordable Housing in New York City

New York City--a city defined by its diversity and progressive politics--is also known for its high cost of living. The fact that New York City ranks among America’s most expensive places to live is common knowledge, yet, most people--including many New Yorkers--are surprised to learn that New York City’s network of affordable housing is among [...]

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